what is pulsating in your veins? is there something you wish to draw into your life-flow and be part of your every-day-magic?

the "into my veins" collection holds unique pieces of raw crystals and gemstones organically set in silver or brass. each specimen offers a different energy and wisdom. what do you feel drawn to? trust your intuition and gut-feeling when it comes to choosing piece...

I handpick the gems on my travels around the world, bringing them to my studio, asking them how they wish to be set and what type oj jewellery-piece they would like to be a part of. it's as if I'm the facilitator and connect the crystals with whom they'll belong to and will assist in the near future... it is magical to witness how they always find their bearer...

if you have a special stone that you would like to have made into a jewellery piece, feel free to reach out to me and we'll see what we can do