I started DDsthlm (Desirée Design stockholm) in May 2014 after graduating from Lorenzo De Medici in Florence, Italy. The training in ancient and modern techniques really helped to lay the foundation for my work today. It gave me the courage and insights I needed to develop my own stone-setting techniques and metal finishes that have become the signum for DDsthlm.
I love to work in silver and brass, not only because I love every shade of them from shiny and polished to raw oxidation, but also because of how they feel to work with and to wear - the energy they harness and what they stand for spiritually: 
SiLVER brings you courage, removes negative energy, brings Moon magic as well as connects you with your higher self. BRASS brings out natural good and inner truth and helps eliminate toxins in the body.
I’ve always been fascinated by jewelry and I still wear a lot of the pieces I got as a kid, as well as heirlooms from my family. I love that - that jewelry is timeless! The wisdom and meaning of jewelry is magical and it feels amazing to see all that surfacing again, after what feels like it was forgotten amongst the masses for a few hundred years. Back in the days crystals and stones esoteric meanings were highly valued! So, I just love so very much that I live in a time where more and more people pay attention to these details, the energy they wear, surround their selves with and emit…
A magical life starts with our inner dreams and hearts' desires, as well as how we choose to adorn our bodies. If we act upon what our intuition calls for, amazing ripple effects will show in all areas of life. It may start with something as little as wearing a piece of jewelry that reminds you of your inner truth, the joy of life, or a dream you wish to manifest - every time you, see, touch and feel that piece, you connect with that feeling!
Become your Dream.
Follow your heART.” 
Desirée Rosborg