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a true one-off-ring with raw opal from Ethiopia

this mesmerizing opal is like a portal to Atlantis...

size Ø 19,5/ US 9,5

opal brings spiritual light into the aura and helps to balance the chakras. It offers wisdom and peace. It bonds the wearer’s energy to the source of universal force.

opal helps to open the crown chakra and awaken the psychic and mystical qualities of the carrier of the stone - the cosmic awareness increases...

the pink-green-turquoiose fluorescent parts, reflect the light of the heart and love, hence it is very inspiring for the Heart Chakra.

opal is an amazing gem to wear to maintain healthy relationships. 

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Thick silverband in brushed silver
Approximate size band
Width: 4,5 mm
Thickness: 1,5 mm

Approximate size crystal
raw Opal : 15,5 x 23 mm
height: 11,5 mm

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Each DDsthlm piece is handmade in the Stockholm studio.