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Irregular faceted polished rose quartz, set in the INTO MY VEINS-style that is the signature for so many DD-pieces, holding mesmerizing crystals. The band is made in hammered and brushed silver.

size Ø 17,25/ US 7

this is a one off-piece, but I have a few more unique stones in this range of rose quartz. so if you'd like to place a custom order, just reach out to:

size band
Width: 3 mm
Thickness: 1,5 mm

Approximate size crystal
19 x 12 mm
height rose quartz: 7 mm

Rose Quartz is a gently pink crystal, also known as the love stone. It carries a soft feminine energy and speaks directly to the heart chakra and dissolves emotional wounds. Rose Quartz helps to awaken the heart giving a deep sense of personal fulfillment. It allows you to fully give and receive love and can stimulate imagination and creativity. This crystal can help attract new love, intimacy and develop a closer bond to the people that you’re surrounded by. Rose quartz is also a great sleep crystal for all ages, promoting beautiful dreams and preventing nightmares. 

Size guide & Jewelry Care

Each DDsthlm piece is handmade in the Stockholm studio.