To guide you in the ring-size-jungle,

I've put together some information here.

In Sweden we get the ring size by measuring the

INNER DIAMETER of the ring.

 If you you get 19 mm across the inside

of an existing ring,

then your ring size is Ø 19...

Another way to measure your size

is to find out the


Take a piece of yarn around your finger and measure

the total length on a ruler. If you're a size 19,

then the ruler will state 60 mm of yarn.

If we continue with the same example,

of the size Ø 19 / 60 mm,

then the US SIZE would be US 9...

If you need further guidance,

tap the link to the universal chart, or reach out. 


To find out your cuff size, wrap a tape measurer around your wrist. If you measure 17cm,

your ideal CUFF SIZE is 17 cm.

If you desire a looser fit,

order 1 cm bigger than your wrist.

The cuffs are slightly adjustable.

To find out your CHAIN BRACELET SIZE,

simply measure with as much slack as desired.

The measured number is your size.