☆  W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P  S ☆

At the DDsthlm studio in Stockholm I hold workshops in silversmithing.

The most popular ones are:




You can read more about each workshop below.

If you have any questions or inquieries,  wish to book a workshop for yourself, your family/colleagues,

or get a GIFT CARD (valid 6 months from date of purchase),

just send me a message.




Do you want to learn how to make rings?

Join me at DDsthm Studio for a mini-workshop.

T-bana: Mariatorget, short walk to Bastugatan.

Material (and Fika) is included for 3 thin rings in silver or brass.

950 kr/person and session

The workshop lasts 1-2h for 2-4 people...


The silversmithing course is a 1:1-course where I'll take you through the basics of

silversmithing so you can start making things on your own.

(if you already know the basics, we'll start where you're at and see what the next steps are for you!)

Invest in the course for yourself or gift it to someone you know would love to dive deeper

into the handicraft of making silver and/or brass jewelry.

We meet 2 x 3 h (we decide dates together).

The 6 hours of theory and practice will get you confident in understanding

and choosing different materials and to work with wire and sheet metal.

You'll learn how to saw in silver, solder on your own and get accustomed

to various tools and machinery + many more tips and tricks along the way!

Material is included and the use of all tools at DDsthlm.

As a beginner you can expect to bring a few rings and a pendant home with you!

4 300 kr / person 6 h


Are you looking for something fun to do for the bachelorette party?

The ring-workshops at DDsthlm are highly appreciated

and a great memory that'll last forever...

Everyone gets to make one ring each, in silver or brass.

The bride to be makes 2 rings: 1 similar to everyone

at the bachelorette party + 1 thicker ring with

something stamped inside/on it.

 4 500 kr

(max 10 people.

each extra person: 400 kr)